Preparing to Sell your Home

Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer weather comes more homes on the market and people are preparing to sell their homes. Blooming trees, fresh mulch and pretty green grass do a lot for your homes curb appeal on the outside. But there are also many other things to do inside and out to get your house ready to sell. Preparing to sell your home means tackling those repairs, decluttering and staging your home to get the best price in the minimum amount of time. Living in a home, you can tend to live with minor issues but a buyer sees those small things as a sign the house hasn’t been maintained. Dripping faucets, squeaky floors and scuffed up walls and baseboards can all be fixed relatively easily. Larger items, like a new roof or HVAC, need professional service. All those do it yourself shows have led people to think they can fix it all but even if repairs or updates seem simple, professional contractors will do the job correctly and lead to less issues in the long run.

One of the easiest ways to make your home more presentable is to declutter. Cleaning out closets and cabinets is less for you to move and lets buyers see the available storage and space in the house. Consider renting a storage unit if you need to store larger furniture and boxes. Remember to organize storage areas in the home like pantries, attics, unfinished basements and garages. While it is great to have storage in the home, don’t leave items piled to the ceiling or thrown in a heap.

Deep cleaning is a must. Have the carpets cleaned and deodorized. Vacuum all the pet hair off the couch. Regrout the tub and shower for a fresh look. And remember that once you get the house cleaned, it needs to be maintained that way throughout the selling process. Daily chores like putting away dishes and making beds needs to be done so your house is ready for a buyer to see.

Fresh paint in neutral colors will make the spaces look clean and rooms look larger. Focus on essential rooms that show the most wear and tear like entryways, kitchens and living areas where you spend the most time. Depersonalizing your spaces can help a buyer visualize their items in the space. Make rooms more neutral by removing personal items like photos, souvenirs, sports memorabilia and religious symbols. I don’t like houses completely devoid of photos because it does lack a homey feel but limiting personal items does make it feel less cluttered.

Exterior condition sets the tone for the buyers experience. Always paint or refinish your front door. Nothing says Welcome more than a presentable entry. Add seasonal flowers and a new welcome mat to make a good first impression. Make sure house siding , roofs and windows are in good condition. Check drainage around the house to make sure there are no loose downspouts or areas of erosion that need attention. Trim those overgrown bushes and pressure wash the sidewalk and decks.

Before taking on these projects it is also helpful to have a real estate professional take a look at your home. They can also advise you on items they see that may need repair or updates that will add value to your home. They might also suggest having a pre inspection done by a licensed home inspector. This will let you know if there are any major items that need to fixed or disclosed to potential buyers.

I know all these preparations take time, money and effort to get your house  ready to sell but buyers will notice and you’ll benefit with an easier sale process.

Written by Polly Leadbetter
Engel & Völkers Foothills